King Size Bed With Drawers

The rise of royal beds - queen and king - is not a coincidence. Many people comment that as a piece of furniture, they are a real luxury, providing a quality dream to those who enjoy its charms. It is more comfortable, spacious and modern, it is true, but are those the only reasons to want to get one? Of course not.Show more

The strength of king size beds is their extension. It can vary in Europe and the United States, generating stock of various sizes that no one has ever opposed. For example, in the United Kingdom, Spain, or Portugal, king models can range between 180 and 190 centimeters wide by the standard 200 cm long.

However, in North America, these measures are extended to 200 and 205 centimeters, thanks to a variant that the Americans called "California King."

This extension of names and centimeters pleases many and reaps very few detractors, whose only objective is not to have a room with enough space to install them.

Anyone can rest in them

Previously, the matrimonial models were the order of the day, but when the king-size and queen-size beds, faced 135 centimeters of the “double” model, sleep took on new meaning for many couples, especially those found in their counterpart to a slippery in bed.

That is another reason to love king size beds. No matter how much the other person moves, or if they are too tall or chubby, the dimensions cover more than enough to be considered a bed "with room to spare."

The children also enter

With a bed of two dimensions, children can spend more time with their parents and live moments of real fun. This quality time reinforces fraternal ties and can create the most unforgettable memories for the little ones.

Nowadays, many fathers and mothers decide to get a bigger bed than the double/double bed, just for the pleasure of sharing it with the rest of the family. Or, in other cases, it is the safe-conduct of those children who have trouble learning to sleep in their room.

Comfort is never enough

This is not a suggestion that single or double beds cannot be comfortable, because they are and a lot. However, for people who sleep together and need to move, get their space, and not feel “suffocated” by the other, some of the royal’s models are the ones.

As for comfort, there are no apprehensions. The queen and king beds comply with it and if they add a quality mattress, much better.

Consider the spaces

There is no denying that installing a king-size bed, or California King, is a real challenge where comfort and interior style is faced. However, in that fight, nobody gets hurt because although the king beds are a luxury for the dream, his sister, the queen model, is more considered with the reduced spaces.

To help its customers get the right size for their bedroom, Elegant Furniture has highly qualified staff in the selection of beds, inside and outside the United Kingdom, from its physical and online store.

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