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Already installing a piece of furniture is a spectacular task, erecting one of 2 meters can bring all kinds of complications. From screws that don't fit falling boards, a king-size bed is an investment that gives comfort. Therefore, installing it should not be a sacrifice.Show more

Either way, for those who have just taken one or are planning a move, these installation tips can become a ring to the finger.

Try to have an instruction manual

The advantage of furniture with two dimensions is its installation manuals. Just as they strive to make a comfortable and huge bed, they do the same with the manual pages.

Before starting with the installation, it is worth looking at the manual, counting the parts and organizing them according to their dependence on each other. This includes nuts and bolts that go together and the adjacent tools that are needed - screwdrivers or drills, for example.

If it is not the first time the bed is assembled and the manual does not appear anywhere, the Internet will always provide tutorials for the less skilled. You have to breathe and ask for help.

Search reinforcements

Few can carry such a large bed without suffering any damage. Therefore, to prevent accidents, it is best to install between two or three people. This will minimize eventualities that occur once the process begins.

Watch tutorials

One of the biggest advantages that the internet has given is its audiovisual tools. Infographics, graphics, and videos that teach people to do the tasks for themselves, without relying on specialists in the field.

Of course, there is work that necessarily requires an expert, but with a king-size bed installation, looking at the computer how another does it, it can be more instructive than all the installation manuals together.

Empty the room

Since these beds cover a wide space, a fairly frequent recommendation - especially for those who are going to replace another bed with a king-sized one - is to empty the contents of the room and start practically from scratch.

Of course, only movable and representative objects are included here, such as bedside tables, cabinets, or furniture of considerable size. If it's a move, the same, start with the bed and continue with those easy installation items.

Pay someone

If none of the above tips convince or, there is no time to lose, furniture stores like Elegant Furniture have a specialist team that moves or installs the bed in a heartbeat.

In the case of Elegant Furniture, your team works at these facilities at home within the United Kingdom. However, on their website, they have an online advisor who can solve doubts of this type.

With an inexhaustible experience in the furniture market, this store is not only limited to room furniture. Customers from all over the world can check their catalog and find ideas for their homes, as well as order online some furniture or decoration piece.

The team is available 24 hours a day, and they attend to the professionalism and needs of their clients, positioning themselves among the best.Show less

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