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Despite being incredibly comfortable and modern furniture, the royal size beds fight against their most pressing disadvantage: their dimensions. Buying them is the beginning of a company that ends, finally, in the installation..Show more

For those who are considering installing a bed with these characteristics, tips on how to expand the space of your room can be quite useful, especially because these beds will sweep, maximum, with 4 meters of the area that are -200 centimeters long by width, respectively -.

However, before moving on to the subject in question, there are some basic notions to clarify.

• This article is dedicated to both models of the royal type: queen and king.

• Queen size beds are usually made with a width of 150 centimeters. This represents 30 centimeters less than king size beds. Therefore, when providing measurements, that additional length must be subtracted.

• “California King” size beds do not fit into this article because they are, in reality, a variant of the king model popularized in the United States. Its measurements only extend 10 centimeters, which does not represent a significant difference.

Light colors

Among the most popular notions in decoration, a major boom is linked to the relationship between space and colors with royal size beds, that rule is even more applicable.

If a king or queen size bed is installed in a room that is not astronomically spacious, attachment to light colors can result in total success.

Pastel walls, unlike dark shades, give the feeling of being in larger rooms if it is white, much better, more effective.


Since the royal size beds will span between 150 centimeters and 2 meters wide, the cabinets can become the third discords. Logically, they are a very important part of the room, but instead of bedside tables, it is recommended to appeal to the shelves or countertops.

If the bed is made of wood, it should be ensured that the tone between the one and the other matches. In this way, it will seem all part of a very modern setting.


These beds can be overwhelming if the extra space is not enough to hide it. A carpet, however, can become the best ally for those who face this problem.

However, and even though for many, the whole mat is more effective than an individual rug, the latter will soften the impact that the bed has on the visual field.

Natural light

If the room where the bed will be installed has a natural light source -window, skylight, etc.-, this point should be taken advantage of and exploited as much as possible.

In this case, light acts like light colors. They expand and expand a small space in a way that will never get artificial light.

However, if the only source of light in the room is equipped with artificial light, it is recommended that it be fluorescent, that is, quite bright.

The decoration and installation process can be appalling. Therefore, Elegant Furniture has a professional team that is responsible for advising on purchases, sales, and installation of beds and furniture in general. From its website, customers from the United Kingdom and outside it can opt for all the options available in their catalog.Show less

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